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Had a pretty good day today. My oldest had a nightmare and crawled in bed with me at about 4 this morning which meant not much sleep. But he took a long nap that let me get more done around the house. And found out one of my friends finally got full custody of her lil girl. Which is super great because the dad is about as good with babies as my husband is. The only down side to the day is my car had to go into the shop. Something about catalytic converter and oil leaking all over the engine because somee seals were busted. Don't know much about cars but from the look the mechanic gave me, that's a pretty bad thing. I probably should've taken it in when it first started runnin funny. Now to get my oldest kid off to bed so I can have a shower and get myself off to bed because tomorrow is a full day of special holiday baking.


I hate video games. All my husband does after work is play on the Xbox. It's crazy. He goes in at 430 and doesn't come home til really late in the evening. But as soon as he's in the door the tv comes on and he grabs a controller. Forget how awful the kids were. Him doing that every night i. Worse than anything the kids could've done because it completely blocks us out of his life

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